There will be tens of thousands of comics, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks at the show. Everything from Tales of Suspense 39 on the high end to vast quantities of dollar comics.

November 3rd Show Vendors:

  • A-1 Comics
  • Champion Comics (Phil Schlaefer)
  • HarvDoss Comics (fresh from his midwest and east coast buying trip)
  • Heroes Comics
  • Ray Storch
  • Shortboxed
  • Worlds of Wonder (EdgerX, fresh from his LA buying trip)
  • Bronze Age Batcave (with a deep new Marvel SA/BA collection)
  • Cosmic Comics (Auburn shop)
  • Gerry Kleier Books
  • House of Comics
  • Fantastic Comics (board member CW)
  • Wormboy will also have some discount books and slabs at the door!

Everyone is bringing their best comics and this is essentially a comics-only show.

We hope to see you there!


If you’d like to exhibit at the show or at future shows, please send us an email through the contact form. If spaces are paid before August 1st for this year’s show, they are just $75.